Men's club Rasputin

Erotico-aesthetics relaxation club

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Men's club Rasputin

We are located in the heart of Odessa – Ekaterininskaya Square. As well as the most famous strip clubs of Paris, London, New York and Monte Carlo, we are the bright sight of Odessa city.

In the strip club Rasputin we do our best to turn everything into the art: art of dance, art of seduction and art of relaxation.

The contemplation of beauty and movement of the female body is a great pleasure for the viewer, whether the one is a male or an intrigued woman. Once you are here with us, you’ll dream back men’s night club Rasputin again and again.

Dear girl. If you have the desire to learn how to dance and give joy to others by their shapes and figures, you us. The club produces a consistent set of young and pretty girls


Rest for real men

who appreciate the beauty and grace


on the border

with the impossible


A little bit about our services

Rasputin - more than just a striptease

Like the great actresses and dancers of the world a sex symbol Rita Hayworth, Hollywood, which, taking off just a glove in the movie “Gilda”, brought to a frenzy, millions of American men, the beautiful spy Mata Hari, stripped of one of the first European dancers, contemporary stars Demi Moore and Kim Basinger, who became famous for the art of undressing, girls from the ballet Rasputin speak not only dance, but sensuality, charisma and talent to seduce!

Private dance

No one else in the room only you and the dancer … Full striptease for two songs long. In a separate room one on one with the girl that says it all … private dance may be also in the VIP-hall, with two dancers, and even with the club administrator!

Exclusive water show

No wonder they say that people can look at the water infinitely. Especially when under the jets of water bathes a beautiful woman’s body. The viewer is resting in a cozy room, and behind the glass a full striptease by splashing Aphrodite.

Crazy menu

Your obligations: feeding, watering and encourage your guide in every way during the excursion. Guide obligation: to entertain guest by carrying out of 5 things of Crazy Menu

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